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  • Answering Calls 24/7
  • Same Day On Site Service
  • Free Service Call With Repair
  • Estimate Before Any Job
  • Flexible Scheduling

We can help you with the below Non Warranty IFB Product services

  • Basic repair
  • Complex repair
  • Timer repair
  • Motor Repair
  • Control Board
  • Transmission repair
  • Tub Repair(Inner or Outer)
  • Start capacitor change
  • Fuse change
  • Door interlock repair

Air Conditioners from IFB are designed to be in harmony with your cooling and heating needs. Our range of Split Air Conditioners and DC Inverter Air Conditioners keep you perfectly comfortable throughout the year.

IIFB’s range of Microwaves comes with an array of features that help you fulfil every culinary desire. From simple, easy to use functions, to advanced cooking features, options and menus; IFB Microwave Ovens give you all that you need to cook healthy, inspired meals.

From Front Loaders to Top Loaders to Smart Loaders. From dealing with tough stains to gently caring for your delicate clothes. From smart phone to touch control to simple and intuitive operations.

IFB 100% Clothes Dryers give you 100% drying regardless of the weather outside. They ensure that your clothes remain germ free. The dryer prevents fading so that your clothes always look as good as new.

IFB Top Loaders are all about efficiency and ease. While the Aqua Spa Therapy feature in these machines pampers your clothes and removes dirt, the Deep Clean function uses a Triadic Pulsator Cleaning technology to clean your clothes thoroughly.

IFB FastCool DC Inverter Air Conditioners can maintain both cool and warm temperatures depending on the weather outside and that too without the constant starting and stopping of the compressor.

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Had a problem no high speed spin and called your service department.Took twenty minutes to find the problem and Solved it.


Good Customer Support. Technician are professionally skilled and solved my washing machine issue within a time frame


Your Service was too good. Repaired my machine at affordable Cost.